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Our company offers a service for personal care and escort (Vip)
The level of care from the basics to the highest level (24 hrs.)
Our company has over 26 years of experience in custody of key personnel with extensive security training experience. According to international standards And experienced Caring for more than 700 important people around the world such as politicians, businessmen, celebrities, artists, and professional athletes. Thank you for trusting us. When you use our services "We protect you with life
History of Bodyguard mr.chanthawat Pornnasaree
1994-1995 You have completed one full year of the Bodyguard course in a secret American institution and organization. And graduated from work in bodyguard for a total of 26 years
Until now, he has taken care of VIPs for all six hollywood stars, including Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, Angelina Jolie, Chris Tucker, Michelle Yeoh, Michelle Yim and many more famous footballers and celebrities. Rolex watch owner care business And many other famous businessmen He also oversees the IMF secretary as well, a Lebanese businessman. Qatar businessman athlete
He has worked with government bodyguards to run three football teams: Chelsea F.C., FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United F.C. Used to supervise the Japanese ambassador Athi, the Ambassador of Argentina Ambassador of Australia And the American minister Vice President of America Countless people and many other Secret service events. Many people over the past 26 years have traveled to many countries around the world.

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