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Personal bodyguard

Life Guard Bodyguard

Personal Bodyguard

What are the definitions of the work of the 3 bodyguards and how important they are?

1. The work of a personal bodyguard is a work that requires versatility as well as taking care of a person's life. And high knowledge in combat, both bare-handed and armed, and have the most comprehensive knowledge of the field, the more advantageous Like swimming Be skillful and healthy when a vip has an accident such as swimming in the water and streaking at least you can definitely help. And another versatility is to drive all kinds of cars, including private cars, trucks and motorbikes, so sometimes when a disaster strikes you in what way you have to take your vip away, that is the skill you will need. You can do it and drive any type of car when it gets really tight that you will be able to find them in front of you, whatever. And the next thing you will need to train and earn more is to go parachuting. Single type or tented type When you take care of your vip, we don't know in advance, or when we know that some cases where vip needs to be on a plane, either in private or in a propeller-driven plane, is the last thing when it's time for an interruption. Flight technique At least you will know the umbrella available on the machine, you can help yourself and take care of the vip as well. This is the role of Good and talented bodyguards all over the world, so they must acquire and train.

2. What kind of knowledge and ability is the bodyguard for asset protection in order to work effectively in taking care of assets in the best and safest way? Working in the protection of assets that are valuable and very soft To work like this, the first thing you will need is the knowledge of the weapon, whether it be a carbine or a rifle, to ensure quality work, protecting yourself and the assets you care for. And the work must be done as a team that is well trained and has the highest capability and responsibility for the job to be more efficient. Because most of the robbery or the attacks of the villains are professional and The villain must study the avenues and plan well for heist and attack.
The bodyguard guards that property. It is work, address, outdoor and fixed area. Unable to foresee when disaster comes because of thieves' work We will call it a person in the dark. This is a drawback in the job of securing assets because you will not be researching the news or knowing when someone is thinking of robbing you of the day or when. And therefore the work of any type is technically If you use the word bodyguard, then you must have the knowledge and ability to be all-round and the best. Because for yourself and your family and the vip you take care of. Therefore, it is the origin of the term that before you work in this field, your knowledge and abilities must be fully equipped and able to take care of yourself and vip as well, because if you are less skilled then you will endanger yourself and vip and assets

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